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We provide the conditions for the full and dignified life of people with Down Syndrome, autism and learning difficulties.

Perspectiva 21.3 is a charity organization,
which represents the interests of people with mental disabilities.

Where we come from

During 2010-2019 we existed only as an educational project named Perspectiva 21.3 under the umbrella of the All-Ukrainian Charity Organization ‘Down Syndrome’. The project has grown into an independent organization Charity Organization Perspectiva 21.3 which was established in 2019. CO Perspectiva 21.3 focuses on 18+ age people and their adaptation into adult life, meaningful day activity, employment and independent living.


Our story began… with a little boy. Petro Vasylenko was born in the summer of 2003. Ukrainian doctors didn’t see any perspectives for his life and offered his parents to sign the denial papers of parental rights. “This child will be severely handicapped, will not walk, talk, read etc. Better have yourself healthy children…”. But Vasylenko family didn’t agree with the doctors. They decided to work on a better life perspective for their son. And with the prayer this family organized a commited team of christians with the goal to influence and change the society’s attitude about people with Down syndrome in Ukraine!



In 2010 a pilot compensatory-education project was started on the base of State boarding-school # 26 in Kyiv. It was the first class in Ukraine, where children with Down Syndrome were taught according to their needs, emphasizing their strengths, thinking with perspective about their future.

Since 2012, 21 children with intellectual disabilities have been studying according to a program that follows to the child’s needs, based on the individual strengths and having prospects for the future.


Our team

Arenda Vasylenko-van De Ree
Arenda Vasylenko-van De Ree founder, educational project manager
Artur Ihnatov
Artur Ihnatov SEN teacher
Tetyana Lytvynenko
Tetyana Lytvynenko SEN teacher
Volodymyr Naumov
Volodymyr Naumov SEN and SEL teacher
Nataliia Lishchuk
Nataliia Lishchuk educational consultant
Olena Indylo
Olena Indylo professional training teacher
Viktor Chepurnyy
Viktor Chepurnyy professional training teacher
Hanna Borovyk
Hanna Borovyk professional training teacher
Svitlana Ivanchenko
Svitlana Ivanchenko SEN teacher
Oksana Abbasova
Oksana Abbasova SEN teacher

Practice lessons

Practical skills are essential for the future success of our students. They are necessary for employment and for everyday life. So we focus on practice a lot!

Additionally to academical lessons our students from primary school had educative excursions to possible workplaces in the future.

Since 2018 pupils of the 8th grade started having practice at our partners.

Each year the hours of practice increase. Since 2019 senior class has 2 days of practice outside the school.

Learn more about the practice
Practice lessons

School books

We adapted the regular Ukrainian school program for children with SEN. And after the daily practice with the children, we developed an alternative program and a "Learning with Joy" series of school books that fit the child’s needs.

“Learning with Joy” series is accredited by Ministry of Education and used all over Ukraine in both Special- as Inclusive schools.

School books

Sharing experience

Parallel to the educational process, the project organizes seminars/practical workshops for specialists from whole Ukraine on regular frequency. We also participate in conferences and congresses which are organized by the ministry of Education as well, to share experience we have obtained.

So far more than 1000 specialists reached and got certificates.

At the moment we are developing online-courses which will replace the workshops in the future, so people can learn about “Learning with Joy” education model out of home, and after successful passing the tests will receive a certificate which is also acknowledged by the government.

Sharing experience

Social and Vocational Training Center

On September 6, 2021, we opened the Social and Vocational Training Center, where people with intellectual disabilities can come to have meaningful day activities — a place where each of them will feel needed and happy. Today we have 8 students with intellectual disabilities who have begun their preparation for adult life and future employment.

We believe that everybody is a unique person created into the image of God.

So we built a safe environment where each of our clients is provided with opportunities to develop its potential and be able to enjoy their life to the fullest.

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About intellectual disability

Just feeling sorry for the people with disability doesn’t solve the problems.
Understanding and support can solve such problems.
People with intellectual disabilities can and want to work.
You can help each of them to feel needed and happy!
People with intellectual disabilities don’t have to become a part of society – they already are!
We need to accept this fact.