People with intellectual disabilities will always need our support. At school, at work and in everyday life. Such support is possible only with the combined efforts of many people.

Our partners include representatives of big and medium businesses, government agencies, charitable foundations, educational organizations both in Ukraine and abroad.

We appreciate everyone for their interest, resources and time that they investing in significant and systemic changes to support people with disabilities.

Students of the educational project Perspective 21.3 are being prepared for successful employment by practicing in big companies such as Auchan hypermarket, Radisson Blu Podil hotel and in Kyiv restaurants Goodman Steak House and Urban Space 500, and Dutch Bakery 21.3.

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Our partners

It provides financial support from the beginning. Part of the funds is transferred to the salaries for the school team.

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The organization provided financial and expert support in the field of special education.

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From the beginning in 2010, Perspective 21.3 started to work as an educational project of charity organization Down Syndrome. And today we continue our partnership to build a decent future for people with Down Syndrome.

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The hotel provided premises for the second practical international conference, dedicated to the presentation of our educational program "Learning with Joy".

And it has been supporting the practical training program since 2013. It was the staff of Radisson Blu Kyiv Podil who taught our students to serve, clean hotel rooms and greet guests with the best smile.

Since 2018 the hotel has been accepting the internships once a week.

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The network of hypermarkets has been supporting the program of practical training of our students since 2014. In the beginning, they gave us introductory tours. And for the last two years, one of Kyiv's hypermarkets has been giving a platform for practice, which allows our students to gain a real work experience for successful employment in the future.

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The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands provided information support.

Special schools in the Netherlands received team of school project Perspective 21.3 specialists to share experiences and provide expert support in educational processes.

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In the bakery directs 25% of its profits to support our organization.

All 20 students of educational project Perspectiva 21.3 get practice.

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The organization supports the school project financially.

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A bakery and lunch room in the Netherlands, where people with Down syndrome and autism are employed. It supports with expert and practical advice and financially. Owners transfer 1€ from the sale of certain items to help our organization.

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The first restaurant in Kyiv that accepted students of Perspectiva 21.3 with open arms for practice. The students had a task to prepare the hall for arrival of guests once a week.

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The company provides financial support.

An organization of vocational training supports employment in the Netherlands. Provides expert assistance and shares their experience to the team of school project.

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Since 2019, the restaurant has been providing a place for the practice for 6 students with intellectual disabilities, so they can be prepared for real work after school.

Maybe your table was served with napkins which were made by our students, or you drank the most delicious orange juice in the world, prepared by our students.

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The restaurant transfers 20% of the sale of their most delicious sandwiches to support our clients.

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The special school in the Netherlands provided expert support and accepted specialists from the Perspectiva 21.3 project for internships.

Vocational Academy in the Netherlands, which provided a platform for internships for school project specialists.

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Government agencies

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Mykola Yarmachenko Institute of Special Pedagogy and Psychology

Institute for Modernization of Educational Content

Special boarding school №26


People with intellectual disabilities will always need support. And it can be possible only if a lot of people will consolidate their efforts.

Supported employment, independent living and a center where young people with disabilities can spend quality time need a lot of resources.

We believe that very soon comprehensive support for people with disabilities will become the systemic norm. In the meantime, we are working with business representatives, charities, colleagues from abroad and government organizations.

Get to know our partners better and learn more about how to join in creating a decent future for people with intellectual disabilities in Ukraine.

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